• 海蜇花

【海蜇花】来自马来西亚大海的味道 500g 捞生必备/胶原蛋白圣品 Jellyfish Leg

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1. 反复用清水清洗越5分钟,然后用清水浸泡隔夜,清水必须盖过海蜇花表面。

2 第二天早上把浸泡过的清水倒掉,再注入另一桶清水,继续浸泡1个小时,1个小时后重复一样的动作,重复约4-5次。



How to wash jellyfish flowers:

1. Repeatedly wash with clean water for more than 5 minutes, and then soak in clean water overnight. The clean water must cover the surface of the jellyfish.

2 Pour out the soaked water the next morning, pour in another bucket of water, continue soaking for 1 hour, and repeat the same action after 1 hour, about 4-5 times.

3. After cleaning, you can prepare your delicious food.

⚠️Put on kitchen gloves first, because in order to keep the freshness of jellyfish skin, it must be cured with enough salt, so wearing gloves can avoid being burned by salt.


Jellyfish flower is suitable for people with hypertension, dizziness, thirst and constipation; suitable for patients with simple goiter; suitable for those with polydipsia after being drunk; and for those with spleen and stomach deficiency and cold.

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