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【胶原蛋白来源】猪脚根 / 猪蹄筋 / 猪脚筋 Trotters 200g / 500g

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1. 猪蹄筋中含在丰富的胶原蛋白质,能增强细胞生理代谢,使皮肤更富有弹性和韧性,延缓皮肤的衰老; 2. 具有强筋壮骨之功效,对腰膝酸软、身体瘦弱者有很好的食疗作用;有助于青少年生长发育和减缓中老年妇女骨质疏松的速度。 食疗作用: 猪蹄筋有养血补肝、强筋壮骨之能。

1. The trotters tendon contains abundant collagen protein, which can enhance the physiological metabolism of cells, make the skin more elastic and tough, and delay the aging of the skin; 2. It has the effect of strengthening the muscles and bones, which is good for the weak waist and knees, and the weak body. Good food therapy effect; help young people's growth and development and slow down the speed of osteoporosis in middleaged and old women. Therapeutic effect: The trotters tendon can nourish blood and nourish the liver, strengthen the muscles and strengthen the bones.


We will try our best to pack the item with bubble wrap and extra protection, however, we cant control how rough will the logistic company carry the parcel and caused dented/damage to the product. Kindly take note that we will not guarantee on the condition of the product when it's being delivered. Thank you for your understanding.

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