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  • AAA 台湾辣豆酱
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  • AAA 橄榄菜 320G
  • AAA 辣豆瓣酱
  • AAA 面筋
  • AAA原味腐乳
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  • AAA 酸菜 170G
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  • AAA 面筋
  • AAA 腐乳 250g
  • AAA 辣椒香芥菜
  • AAA 菜心
  • AAA 萌心贡菜
  • AAA 翠瓜

【AAA】【3A Triple A】玻璃罐头菜心、辣豆瓣酱、酸菜、萌芯贡菜、香辣笋 、面筋、翠瓜、香菇橄榄菜、伏中红腐乳、台湾辣豆瓣酱、台湾原味腐乳、台湾辣味腐乳、素食者可食用、腌菜类

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新加坡销量第一品牌 AAA 

玻璃罐头菜心、辣豆瓣酱、酸菜、萌芯贡菜、香辣笋 、面筋、翠瓜、香菇橄榄菜、伏中红腐乳、台湾辣豆瓣酱、台湾原味腐乳、台湾辣味腐乳

素食者可放心食用腌菜类 任何一款都会是你最佳的佐餐良伴!


We will try our best to pack the item with bubble wrap and extra protection, however, we cant control how rough will the logistic company carry the parcel and caused dented/damage to the product. Kindly take note that we will not guarantee on the condition of the product when it's being delivered. Thank you for your understanding.

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