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【A1】肉骨茶/清补鸡/帝皇鸡/素肉骨茶/药材肉骨茶/药材清补鸡汤 bahkutteh/chicken soup herbs/emperior chicken/vegetarian bahkutteh soup

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Easy to prepare, delicious taste!

肉骨茶/药材鸡汤: 凉水放肉煮滚后备用,此举动可以把肉的血腥味去掉。换一锅干净的水,煮滚,然后把汤包放入,煮半小时后加入已去腥的肉煮15分钟后,加入你喜欢的菇类或青菜继续煮个10分钟或至菜熟后即可关火上菜享用了!



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