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【银鱼仔 / 白忽 / 江鱼仔】Red Sea Dried Silver Anchovy / Ikan Bilis Mata Biru Halus Putih

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江鱼仔虽然个小,但营养价值很高。据分析每百克含蛋白质 18~20.1 克,脂肪 5 克矿物质 2.0~2.5 克;此外,还有维生素 A、维生素 E。其蛋白质含有人体需要的 16 种氨基酸,其中的谷氨酸和甘氨酸是鳀鱼味道鲜美的原因所在。江鱼仔脂肪含有二十二碳六烯酸(DHA)和廿碳五烯酸(EPA),这两种不饱和脂肪酸对人体预防和治疗心血管循环系统的疾病具有特殊疗效。而脂溶性的 VA、VE,对人体防癌抗癌延缓衰老具有极重要作用。


We will try our best to pack the item with bubble wrap and extra protection, however, we cant control how rough will the logistic company carry the parcel and caused dented/damage to the product. Kindly take note that we will not guarantee on the condition of the product when it's being delivered. Thank you for your understanding.

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