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【日本种白花菇 】Japanese Species Dried White Shiitake mushrooms [Chinese New Year Gifts Ideas送礼佳品]

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日本种白花菇, 菇身浑厚, 口感弹牙爽口, 菇味香浓, 无论是自己吃或送人都是你的最佳选择!

切记: 浸泡隔夜或4个小时后再煮, 这样才能让花菇发挥最佳口感。

适用于: 炒/焖/炖/煮。

Japanese white Shiitake mushrooms have a thick body, a crisp and refreshing taste, and a strong mushroom flavor.

Whether you eat it yourself or give it away, it is always your best choice!

Remember: Soak overnight or 4 hours before cooking, so that the mushrooms can have the best taste.Suitable for: Stir-fry/simmer/cook.


We will try our best to pack the item with bubble wrap and extra protection, however, we cant control how rough will the logistic company carry the parcel and caused dented/damage to the product. Kindly take note that we will not guarantee on the condition of the product when it's being delivered. Thank you for your understanding.

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