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【永洲腊味桶装】永州腊味批发 香港老字号- 鹅润肠/鲜润肠/切肉肠/东莞肠 Wholesale Hong Kong Preserved Meat Sausage/ Goose Liver Sausage/Duck Liver Sausage

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For SABAH & SARAWAK BUYER, Please noted that we will have to unbox the tin and pack in vacuum pack to avoid any rejection during transit. Thank you for your cooperation.


鲜润肠(duck liver sausage)

1对/1pair = 85g+- 10g

1桶/1barrel = 29对+-/29pairs+- 

鹅润肠(goose liver sausage)

1对/1pair = 85g+- 10g

1桶/1barrel = 29对+-/29pairs+- 

切肉肠(lean meat Sausage)

1对/1pair = 130g+-15g

1桶/1barrel = 23对+-/23pairs+- 

东莞肠(DongGuan Sausage)

1对/1Pair = 80g +- 10g

1桶/1barrel = 37对 +-/37pairs +-




[Please note that what you are buying now is 1 barrel, and we will try our best to pack the product, however, the parcel will inevitably encounter rude treatment by the deliveryman on the road. If you've found dented on the barrel after receiving the product, please don't panic. Don’t panic, don’t be angry.

 The quality of the product is remained the same  although the barrel is slightly dented. Thank you so much for being understanding.

Any request for return/exchange/refund on the grounds of iron barrels will not be accepted. Please check here before buying. If you understand, you can place an order after accepting it. Thank you very much.

Oh, and in order to reduce the occurrence, you can only drop 2 barrels at a time.

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