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【药材 Herbs】黑枸杞 Black Goji Berry 100g

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功效养肝明目、补肾益精、延缓衰老等是黑枸杞的功效。 枸杞含有的花色甙素是最有效的天然抗氧化剂,所以黑枸杞能起到延缓人体细胞组织的衰老,使我们保持年轻的状态、延年益寿的作用。 黑枸杞中的花青素还能清除我们体内的自由基,能有效的预防癌细胞的产生,甚至能让癌细胞无法顺利扩散,从而达到防癌抗癌的目的。


We will try our best to pack the item with bubble wrap and extra protection, however, we cant control how rough will the logistic company carry the parcel and caused damage to the product. Kindly take note that we will not guarantee on the condition of the product when it's being delivered. Thank you for your understanding.

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