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明目鱼干属于深海产品,常用作煲汤佐膳,也是民间用作日常的食疗方,可有医治眼疾,补肾益肝,养颜美发功用。 它的营养成份很高,富含蛋白质、磷、铁、碘、及钙质等。 煲汤时记得加几片姜片,这样煲出来的味道能去腥哦,不过腥味很少的,但它的味道却一流,吃过的朋友都爱吃! 明目鱼,具清肝明目的作用,民间常用作日常的食疗方。

Dried fish is a deep-sea product. It is often used as a soup and diet. It is also used as a daily diet therapy by the people. It can treat eye diseases, nourish the kidney and liver, and nourish the skin. It is high in nutrients, rich in protein, phosphorus, iron, iodine, and calcium. Remember to add a few slices of ginger when boiling the soup, so that the fishy taste can be reduced, even though the fishy smell is very little, but its taste is first-class, and friends who have eaten it will love it! Mingmu fish has the function of clearing the liver and improving the purpose, and can often be used as a daily dietary therapy.

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