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【自家养殖走地鸡】Farm-Raised Free Range Chicken/ Ayam Ladang Ternakan Bebas

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What you bought is [whole chicken], and the chicken chop service will be provided free of charge.

Since there is no meat-growing agent, the chickens will not be too big. The chickens are weighed before being slaughtered, and the feathers and viscera will be about 500G+-after being removed.

The home-breeding free-range chicken is the feeding method handed down from our grandparents’ family

From the time the chicks are raised for 4 months, they are sold at the age before the chickens can lay eggs, which can ensure that the chicken is tender, sweet and juicy.

What you bought is a free-range free-range chicken. The meat is fresh and sweet, and the taste is elastic. The meat fiber is thinner than the white chicken/caiyuan chicken sold in other markets.

The white cut chicken is young and sweet, and the chicken skin is delicious, and most importantly, there is no chicken smell at all!

In addition to white chicken, stewed chicken juice, herbal soup, stewed stock, it is also the best choice!

White chicken recipe:

1) Wash the chicken clean and lightly sprinkle with a little salt

2) Put the chicken in the pot and steam it after the water in the pot has boiled. You can steam it on medium-high heat for 22 minutes and then turn off the heat.

3) Let the chicken rest in the pot for 2 minutes, then take the chicken out, and it's ready to serve!

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